I always loved to paint and draw. When I was six years old, I told my parents I wanted to be an artist. My mom was shocked: her child was going to choose such an unpredictable and unstable life path! I was growing in a hard time for my family and had to choose a practical profession in order to be financially independent. I obtained a law degree, first in Moscow, then, after moving to Norway, a PhD degree from the University of Oslo. The Springer international house published my book about aviation security and privacy. In the spare time I wrote poems and stories. Some years ago, the Wave magazine published my story about surfing in Brazil. 

Nevertheless I had a hope to return to Art one day, probably when I retire. Fortunately, the Point of No Return happened earlier, in summer 2018. I was writing an academic article while my children were playing in the garden. Their drawing teacher didn’t come; they were alone and then I thought: why am I sitting here, I can draw with them. That was the moment of flash, when I just realized that I don’t want to do anything else. My legal career was promising, although somewhat limited due to the fact that I had three small children. Indeed, in this situation, painting was much more suitable than any office work. That’s when the stars came together: not only my greatest wish was to dedicate myself to Art, but I had an opportunity to do it. It’s my love and passion. I'm living my dream and I am so lucky and happy.

Working hard and always being in the process of learning and improving, I entered the art scene already in early 2019, when my watercolour “Winter Light” was accepted to the International Watercolour Biennale in Albania. My works range from academic to modern expressive style. I love experiments and work with various techniques and materials. My favourite plastic forms are light and colour. I am in love with black and white as well. My favourite themes relate to Everyday Life and the beauty of moments. I paint what I see – I paint my life: my family, favourite things and surroundings, as well as sudden impressions. Picasso compared painting with keeping a diary - that's exactly about me.

Olga Enerstvedt, artist


2020 – Present, the third year of stydy - College of Fine Arts, Drawing & Painting. Moscow, Russia.


1 June - 30 Juту 2021 – URBAN exhibition at Odonata Gallery. Oslo, Norway.

26-27 June 2020 – Art exhibition at Rødberg Lokstallen, Norway.

1 June - 31 July 2020 – Art exhibition at Odonata Gallery. Oslo, Norway.

2019 – Art exhibition online at Tarutinaschool, Moscow, Russia.

2019 – Watercolor "Winter Light" was selected for Tirana International Watercolor Biennale 2019 "Albania Super". Tirana, Albania.


2020 - Kunstutstilling i lokstallen. Av Ingrid Jahren Scudder. Laagendalsposten, 01.07.2020. https://www.laagendalsposten.no/minlp/kunstutstilling-i-lokstallen/s/5-64-859897

2020 - Det er dette eg elskar å drive med. Ho la bort forskarjobben og såg seg ikkje tilbake. I to år har ho jobba fulltid med penslar og måleutstyr.  Av Tor Folgerø. Hallingdølen, 30.06.2020. https://www.hallingdolen.no/kultur/det-er-dette-eg-elskar-a-drive-med/